The booking and selling of travel services from SMART TRAVEL LIMITED are subject to terms and conditions set out below. This document is an agreement between you "the customer" and SMART TRAVEL LIMITED "online travel agency" located at U2104 21/F, 16 Argyle Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong-Kong. The conditions are:


In order to guarantee a better service, it is important that you tell us any special health or specific monitoring requirements. To do this, you must complete these information in any "specific requirement" field.

It is the responsibility of the passenger to have his personal documents (visa, passport, vaccination ...) updated, and the international health insurance.

Programs may be subject to modifications by the agency in order to ensure the safety, integrity and comfort of the passengers. Such changes will not be charged from SMART TRAVEL LIMITED.

If an important change shall be made ​​after the confirmation of booking and before arrival, SMART TRAVEL LIMITED will inform its customers as soon as possible, preferably by email. The client will then be able to accept the modifications or change the program's services to the extent they have not already been bought by SMART TRAVEL LIMITED.

SMART TRAVEL LIMITED will not be held responsible for changes, delays, losses or other inconveniences caused by force majeur events. Are considered as force majeur events war, threats of war, riots, civil protests, labor disputes, terrorism, nuclear or natural disasters, fire or adverse weather, airlines problems, or other events independents of SMART TRAVEL LIMITED's will.

In the case of a change because of force majeur events, SMART TRAVEL LIMITED will not be held responsible for any additional costs during the trip, flight or other form of transportation.

Local laws, "all participating clients on SMART TRAVEL LIMITED service are subjected to laws and regulations of the countries visited, and the conditions of booking"


Conditions of booking confirmation :

Prepay 50% of the total cost of the travel and send a copy of the payment by email to info@SMART TRAVEL

Fill up and send us back the document « Personal information »

A reservation is accepted and confirmed when SMART TRAVEL LIMITED has sent an email titled « Confirmed Reservation » after the reception of payment. At that moment, the contract between both parties is effective.

The contract is between SMART TRAVEL LIMITED and the client. The « client » being all the persons mentioned in the document « personal information ». The person who transmits us this document guarantees he has full authority in the name of all the persons mentioned on the list and confirms all the persons are fully conscientious and accept these conditions.

The balance (50% or less as appropriate) must be completed within a maximum period of 30 calendar days before the date of travel. In case this condition is not completed, SMART TRAVEL LIMITED will consider that the reservation of the group is canceled.

In the case payment is made and that the sale can not be confirmed (ex overbooking of train, cancellation of Airline Companies for overbooking domestic or international flights, other ...), the "Client" will receive an email from SMART TRAVEL LIMITED, entitled "Reservation not confirmed." SMART TRAVEL LIMITED will propose other options. If the "Client" does not accept one of the options, payment will be refunded in full.

Before booking all customers should ensure to be able and capable of executing the chosen route. For people over 60 years, it is recommended to perform a medical fitness test to perform the circuit. In the case of minors (under 18 years) their participation may be accepted in the SMART TRAVEL LIMITED travels, if and only if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian assuming all legal responsibility for them.

SMART TRAVEL LIMITED reserves itself the absolute right to refuse a booking. Clients shall accept the authority and decisions of SMART TRAVEL LIMITED, its employees, tour leaders and agents, during the tour. If in the opinion of SMART TRAVEL LIMITED’s staff, for reasons of health or conduct of a client before or after departure, the attitude of a customer endangers the safe, comfortable and enjoyable continuation of the travel, the said customer may be excluded from all or part of the journey. In the case of illness, SMART TRAVEL LIMITED may take all necessary decisions to ensure appropriate conduct of the group.


Illness or disability: means that a person suffering from an illness, disability or treatment for any physical or medical condition must declare the true nature of his condition in the "Passenger Information". The Customer must make useful arrangements for the administration of medication or other treatment that may be needed during the stay. Otherwise, the non-disclosure is a violation of the conditions of sale and implies that the person be excluded from the trip, and will not get any reimbursement from SMART TRAVEL LIMITED.

Customer Complains: If the customer has a complain about the travel arrangements, he must contact the group leader or another representative of SMART TRAVEL LIMITED in order to take necessary measures for the resolution of that issue. If the Customer does not submit his claim during the trip, it will not allow SMART TRAVEL LIMITED to solve the problem. The Client may not therefore claim compensation from SMART TRAVEL LIMITED or discount on the program. Any compensation or discount on the program will be evaluated regarding the degree of the problem.

Our Responsibility: SMART TRAVEL LIMITED can not guarantee availability of any service if not considered in the final version of the program, but it can be managed as an additional service to the customer. SMART TRAVEL LIMITED accepts the responsibility to guarantee the customer services as described in the final program of the tour.

In the case SMART TRAVEL LIMITED acts as an intermediary, to the best of all possible precautions, it can not be held liable for injuries, illnesses, damages, losses, delays or other accidental irregularities that can be caused by force majeur events or due a deliberate act, negligence or omissions from the part of companies or individuals providing the service in connection with the execution of the travel.

Each participant must behave according to rules of prudence, as well as follow the advice of the guide. SMART TRAVEL LIMITED can not be held liable for the negligence of an individual person in the group.

Luggage are permanently under the responsibility of the client. Luggage can be transported in a rudimentary way (llamas, horses, 4x4 or other). In case of damage, SMART TRAVEL LIMITED is not responsible and will not accept claims about it.


The payment can be done via the following options :

a) With credit card VISA. In that case, the client will assume an additional cost of 3% of the total of the travel, corresponding to the VISA commission.

b) By bank transfer. In that case, SMART TRAVEL LIMITED will assume the bank charges of its bank (26 USD). All external bank commissions will be assumed by the client.

c) In cash. It could be done in our office in a limit of 500 USD. For higher amounts, for safety reasons of our personal, the payment will be directly done as a deposit in our bank agency.


The requests for reduction, increase, modification or cancellation of services will have to be done by an email sent at the address: info@SMART TRAVEL , specifying the conditions of the request.

Modification of the original booking from the client: it must be sent by the person who has presented the document "passenger information". All fees which have been received or to be received from our suppliers as a result of this change will be at the charge of the client. SMART TRAVEL LIMITED can not guarantee that any changes or requests can be made. A member of SMART TRAVEL LIMITED will respond to the customer's request within 1 or 2 business days.

Substitution of client : If a member of the group cannot make the travel, it is possible to transfer the booking on behalf of another person if and only if SMART TRAVEL LIMITED is notified in writing at least 30 days before the start of the tour. An administration fee of 20 USD will be charged for the costs of SMART TRAVEL LIMITED's suppliers. The airlines can charge 100% cancellation fee and the cost of a new ticket.

Cancellation of services :

a) More than 45 days before the beginning of the tour, SMART TRAVEL LIMITED will deduct an administrative fee of at least 20% of the total cost to cover all the services engaged. This amount could be superior if the cost of the reserved services (flights, trains…) is more important.

b) Between 30 and 45 days before the tour, SMART TRAVEL LIMITED will deduct an administrative fee of 50% of the total cost. This amount could be superior if the cost of the reserved services (flights, trains …..) is more important.

c) Less than 30 days before the tour, SMART TRAVEL LIMITED will declare the group « NO SHOW », the client will not receive any repayment.



In the case of late bookings (within 30 days before the date of travel), the total payment for services must be completely paid immediately.

For last minute booking, or shared programs, you can have several guides for the circuit.